Throttling Frames


There are a million ways you can cast your phone display on your PC screen with wires or wireless. Though we tried a few freely available apps but weren’t very happy with the performance. What we needed was a almost no latency full resolution display to be casted on our windows PC. So we came across a way that gave us exactly what we needed but through a corded connection, although you can get it wireless with a few more lines of command but that’s for later. This post will only teach you how to cast your Android mobile screens onto your windows PC via corded connection.

Few steps to follow and you are done :

Installations to be done on PC

  1. Install ADB drivers
  2. Download the respective Scrcpy zip (32 bit or 64 bit)
  3. Extract the Scrcpy zip contents to the root (C:\ Scrcpy) 
  4. Right click on > my computer > properties > advance settings > variables > add new variable (value = C:\ Scrcpy) (Name = Anything you wish) > apply > ok > exit. 

Changes in phone

  1. Go to settings > About phone > click 7 times on build number (makes you a developer) 
  2. Go to developer settings
  3. Enable USB debugging


  1. Connect the phone to the pc via USB
  2. On PC open CMD

Type in CMD

  • Cd\ (enter) 
  • Cls (enter) 
  • Cd C:\ Scrcpy (enter) 
  • Adb devices (enter) 
  • Scrcpy (enter)

“You should now have the phone’s screen casted on the pc”

— Mayur Sawant 

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