India takes PUBG to the silver screens. Here is a completely new YouTube series of the said game told in a cinematic way. Check out the 1st Episode of…



Dosti ka naya maidan is a brand new web series available on PUBG mobile india official Youtube channel where in you can watch all the new episodes of the said series. The next episode will showcase Mortal from team Soul, and Aadi Sawant AKA dynamo and will be out on 10th of january 2020. You can also watch it right here on right after its launch on Youtube.

A still from the web series “Dosti ka naya maidan”

RheoTV an app for Indian gamers. Check out !!

Guys I need your support, I am streaming on a new app called RheoTV (available on Google Play store). I urge you to download that app and follow my profile. there are many live streamers available on the app and they stream all kinds of games. most importantly this is an Indian app and is also focused towards native languages. Streaming here is so much fun.

You get to comment in regional languages, also you get to send desi emoticons. People are streaming in many Indian languages that includes Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and so on.

The app currently only supports 720p streaming and is available only for android users. we hope that it soon jumps over to a better resolution and is availble widely.

From streamers for streamers

Hey guys this form is to collect information on Live streaming or Content creation (of any kind). We’d like to know your opinion on Live streaming whether its on Youtube, Twicth or any other Streaming platform. Lately Live streaming or content creation is “the thing” for many and is an important part of IoT. Many have taken it as a full time career and are also doing good. We being Streamers ourselves would like to know more about your preferences and liking. With collected information we will work on our content and try to get better at it. Also we are planning on getting more services for streamers.

This will take barely 5 mins of your time, please fill in the details. Thank you.

8000+ views on Dirt rally with logitech g29 | Logitech attack 3 | Logitech G shifter

This video of Dirt Rally has gone viral on instagram and has received over 8k views in last 3 days. Its about absolute precision and acute handling that came with the Logitech’s G29 Steering wheel kit mated to Logitech’s G shifter.

In my opinion this is a crazy combination that makes any simulation game almost a reality. The force feed back on the Logitech’s G 29 is phenomenal which gets the user immersed in the game so much that it must only be experienced but said.

The three pedals that comes with the kit are good too, they have brushed aluminium surface with rubber padding that wont let feet slip over and helps achieve atmost perfection while playing the game.

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