Kingston’s HyperX gets RGB

HyperX Alloy Origins Core

Many gamers were eagerly waiting to see HyperX, Which happens to be gamers favorite brand to get a mechanical keyboard at least. But HyperX does everything in style and with “ALLOY ORIGINS CORE” HyperX nailed it. 100% no ghosting, Game-mode, RGB, TKL, you name it and they have it on board.

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Dosti ka naya maidan – episode 2 is out. Check out the post for more details

The new PUBG Mobile web series Dosti Ka Naya Maidan episode 1 was a great success with 2.6 million views in just one week. It tells the story of a college student who is trying to fit in with his new roommates and college life by start playing PUBG Mobile with many hilarious as well as touching moments.

The episode 2 trailer was out. The trailer is showing us that the young pubg player faces challenge for his passion for streaming PUBG as his parents are against his actions.

Yesterday 10th January 2020 :- The new episode of Dosti ka naya maidan was released.

DOSTI KA NAYA MAIDAN – Episode 02 – Headshot se Hotshot

Dosti ka naya maidan episode 2 – Headshot se Hotshot
In This episode we will get to see new story about the young man tommy called Daaku Daddy, Who is trying to be a pubg mobile streamer and youtuber. He streams PUBG Mobile everyday with his friend and uploads PUBG Mobile videos on his YouTube channel with his commentary. But doesn’t get support from his parent.

One day, he accidentally meets Mortal and Dynamo in his friend’s shop but doesn’t recognize them. However, they give him some very useful advice that he can use to grow his channel.

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Indian gamers now get Kingston HyperX Quad Cast Gaming Microphone.

Gaming peripherals are playing a big role in the day to day life of Steamers and Gamers.

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“OnePlus or houdini?”… Revealing OnePlus concept one!

OnePlus is heading into 2020 strong with their invisible camera concept in the ‘OnePlus Concept One’. The phone has, reportedly, the same camera as the OnePlus 7T but uses an electrochromic glass to hide the lens. OnePlus is developing this technology with sports car manufacturer McLaren. The one off piece will be unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show ( CES) 2020 happening at the Las Vegas Convention Centre next week.

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This year will be no different!! Says, Kingston.

CES 2020: Kingston Demos Upcoming UHS-II Cards, NVMe PCIe Gen 4.0 SSDs

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