Edifier R1280DB | Sound test | India

If you’re looking for good quality bookshelf speakers and if you happen to be one of those quality freaks then the R1280DB is the absolute right choice. Many music lovers who still choose to listen to their music on the Vinyl records played on their turntables have chosen the R1280DB as their sound drivers forContinue reading “Edifier R1280DB | Sound test | India”

Edifier R1280DB | Full review | India

The Edifier R1280DB is one of the most elegant looking speakers we have come across and it’s a perfect example of the phrase “Beauty with brains”. The new and enhanced R1280DB takes a step ahead of its predecessor R1280T with more connectivity options and better engineered sound drivers. If you’re looking for good quality bookshelfContinue reading “Edifier R1280DB | Full review | India”